Meet the Legal Tech Guy


Doug Edmunds has been working in the legal technology sector for 11 years, listening to what his clients need, what their pain points are, and what they hope to achieve. His results-oriented, creative approach is geared toward finding the right solutions with the greatest potential impact on productivity & efficiency, while acknowledging the fear of change and disruption common among busy attorneys and their affiliates.

In his consulting, Doug focuses primarily on cloud-based practice management tools, in particular Clio and the ecosystem of integrated apps it supports; systems integration; end-user training; data security & best practices; and above all, making people’s working lives easier!

Edmunds is a Clio Certified Consultant who has worked with numerous clients across the United States on implementing and customizing Clio, the leading cloud-based practice management solution, to fit their unique needs. He earned both his bachelor’s and master’s degrees from UNC-Chapel Hill, where he worked for nearly two decades as a respected technology leader before transitioning in late 2017 into a private sector IT director role. He’s the proud father of two wonderful kids, and he loves literature, cooking & traveling. He also happens to be a lifelong musician and songwriter, whose previous work has been reviewed in Billboard, Guitar Player and elsewhere. So if your practice needs a catchy jingle, he can handle that, too!