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Too often, consulting engagements tend to result in rolling of eyes, gnashing of teeth and, when all is said and done, a perceived lack of value based on the final invoice. The Legal Tech Guy, Doug Edmunds, prides himself on flipping this model on its head by approaching every new business opportunity as one in which both he and the people he’s been hired to advise will actually manage to have a bit of fun and arrive at a winning solution that gets delivered on time and at a reasonable price. His overriding philosophy is that technology, legal or otherwise, can often be frustrating to adopt and difficult to integrate with existing workflows and long-established habits. That’s why he strives to communicate clearly, set expectations and build consensus around appropriate software, hardware and services that make lawyers happier, healthier and more productive.

Services provided include:

  • Clio implementation & training
  • Clio customization & integration with other software
  • Mac & Windows device support & security
  • Website development
  • Custom jingle writing (no, really!!)